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My mantra

My mantra
Be and Say What You Feel, NO REGRETS!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Not Quite Ready

Just when I was happy
Just when I thought things were finally going my way
Just when I thought I had the world in my hand that day
Wrong again!

I can't let go, I can't walk away, I can't say goodbye to you today.
I'm not quite ready, I'm not quite there but yet there you are standing there...
You said those things, you can't take them back, you made your bed
and now both of us will lack.
I was never ever consulted, never even warned
right before my world crashed at my door.
You had a feeling, you had a thought and now she knows and I am all but lost.


  1. wow - love the way you write ...
    Thank you my friend for the comment on the blog about the second book - It's like a dream ...
    YOU make ME smile by the way -
    Hugs & have a pretty day

  2. As a poet, or at least I try to be one, I was touched by how powerfully your words and emotions leap off the page. I think we have all had times that we felt our world falling apart, the line "right before my world crashed through my door," is a wonderful turn of phrase as well as a bold image!

    If you want to check out another poetry blog, and even add your voice to my July contest, you can go here: or to my main page and click on the button that sas "Contests."

    I know that sometimes poetry comes, and sometimes it doesn't. I hope that soon you are sharing new poems, with the crisp and clear language I see in this poem!

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