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My mantra

My mantra
Be and Say What You Feel, NO REGRETS!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting Healthy

I always talk about sticking to a fitness plan and working on getting healthy and I never stick too it. I thought if I wrote a post about it, it might help me stay motivated.
Its crazy because when I go workout I am all happy and confident in myself so why not go? Why be lazy? I really have no excuse. Also I seem to have a addiction to making myself misreble. I eat and eat thinking that I am going to feel better about a situation but inevitably it never happens. I just end up feeling worse. SO>>>
You are my witnesses, I will start today to follow the five goals I have set for myself and see if I can get to it and get heathy witch means staying healthy. I don't want to diet. DIETS DON"T WORK. I just want to make better food and recreational choices in order to lead a better productive life.
Here I go My five goals are:
1. Start excercising at least 3x a week which means excercising till I break a sweat.
2. Watch what I eat. Don't get fast food or unhealthy food just because its convenient. Care about the choices I make for my body.
3. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. Yes 10 because it will help curb my appetite for food. Sometimes I am just thirsty and not actually hungry.
4. THIS IS A BIG ONE!! Don't let my emotions decide what I am going to eat!!!
5. Always be positive with myself. I will be able to do this. I can get healthy. Little steps are the key to my health.

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