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My mantra

My mantra
Be and Say What You Feel, NO REGRETS!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Short Quotes & Poetry

Love is simply friendship set to flames and if there is no friendship then where does love remain?

 I am whoever I choose to be, I can have whatever I choose to pursue.My happiness comes from within myself and my very soul & my own deep self reflection

What hurts the most is knowing I will be here always loving you and you will come to me when you have a few moments to spare or you can find the time.

Make your own decisions in life. Everyone can walk away from your choices in life except you. As long as you can look into the mirror nothing else matters. No ones opinions but yours and God's alone. 

For that one brief moment, we had each other, we had it all, we had the love that we tryed so hard to let go. We had the times, the moment, the memories. We couldn't hold on, we just couldn't possibly be.  

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  1. Hey Debbie, just wanted to say I really like this. "Love is simply friendship set to flames..." Very nice. And the statement about making your own decisions is on point. I was giving someone the same message this week. Keep it up.