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My mantra

My mantra
Be and Say What You Feel, NO REGRETS!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Short Poetry & Quotes

Blue skies is all I see, the clouds are pushed away. The day dawns bright with no obstacles in my way.

I have too much "SUNSHINE" to stand in Someone Else's Shadow

You ask me how I feel and its written all over my face how I feel but I gently shy away waiting to tell you another day.

You are in my dreams, my every fantasy. I want to love you for all the days unseen.

I find my peace from within, my love from my friends and beauty in everything that God has given me.

 In everything I do and everything I say, In every single action I have ever contemplated,my heart has always been right there.

Never forget that once upon a time in a moment, you recognized yourself as a friend.

All I have in life I owe to God,
he has given me what I need &
taken what I do not need from me.
He knows me & will be by my side always.

My head gets it,
it gets it really well,
I just wish it would take the time to explain it to my heart.

I am done with your lies, I am done with your time, Give me a call if you ever find the time. Oh wait, I changed my mind.

Step back, no, forward,wait, back,no,forward,go back, wait, forward ugh!! Maybe I should just stand still and let life happen!

There is nothing you can do to ever loose my love. I will protect you until you die & after your death I will still be your protector. 

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  1. Sis,
    I love all the poems!! They hit me really hard =)! I'm amazed at your writing. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! <3 XOXO